burn burn [bɜːn ǁ bɜːrn] verb burned PTandPP or burnt [bɜːnt ǁ bɜːrnt] [transitive]
1. COMPUTING to copy information held on a computer's hard onto a CD
2. be/​get burned informal to lose a lot of money in a business deal, usually because it involves a high risk:

• A lot of investors got burned buying junk bonds which turned out to be worthless.

3. burn your fingers/​get your fingers burnt informal to suffer from the results of an unsuccessful business activity:

• Since burning their fingers on 100% lending that turned into bad debt, lenders have been limiting borrowing to 75% of the property's value.

* * *

burn UK US /bɜːn/ verb (past tense burned, past tense UK also burnt)
[T] IT to copy information, recorded music, images, etc. onto a CD: burn sth to/onto sth »

The service allows consumers to download a movie, but not to burn it onto a DVD.

be/get burned — Cf. get burned
burn a hole in sb's pocket — Cf. burn a hole in sb's pocket
burn the candle at both ends — Cf. burn the candle at both ends
burn the midnight oil — Cf. burn the midnight oil
get/have your fingers burned — Cf. have your fingers burned

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